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26 Jun 2019

Zoom Meeting Presentations

Looking for an informative photography Zoom meeting presentation for your local Camera Club, Garden Club, or a general nature enthusiast group? Then I have you covered. I have over five different nature related Zoom presentations that are sure to inspire and teach numerous photography techniques to help you get better photos. Please email me at mike@mikematthewsphotography.com for more information.

26 Jun 2019

Small Group Macro Workshops 4-6 participants

Have you ever wanted to learn more about Macro Photography? I now offer small group workshops for 4-6 participants at my in home studio. From waterdrop photography to high magnification photography. I have a wide variety of macro subjects, including a large collection of insects, including exotic butterflies, feathers, seashells, and much more. I will cover the use of flash and much much more. So, grab some friends and come have a great time exploring this small but beautiful world! Email me for more information at mike@mikematthewsphotography.com

30 Mar 2016
17 Dec 2015

Hummingbirds and Woodpeckers small group workshop 2-4 participants

Have you ever wanted to photograph Hummingbirds and stop their wings in motion? Or photograph Red Headed and Pileated woodpeckers at just feet away from your lens?
Then grab some friends and join me for this small group workshop here at my home. I have all the flashes, backgrounds, and blinds needed for great hummingbird photography. Plus, I have other natural props needed to capture great woodpecker photographs that make it look like you were out in the wild photographing.
Email me at mike@mikematthewsphotography.com for more information.