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26 Jun 2019

Zoom Meeting Presentations “New for 2023”

Looking for an informative photography Zoom meeting presentation for your local Camera Club, Garden Club, or a general nature enthusiast group? Then I have you covered. I have over five different nature related Zoom presentations that are sure to inspire and teach numerous photography techniques to help you get better photos. Please email me at mike@mikematthewsphotography.com for more information.

26 Jun 2019

Frog and Reptile Macro Workshop March 4th, 5th and 6th 2023 Deerfield Beach Fl

Frog and Reptile Macro Workshop March 4th, 5th, and 6th 2023 Deerfield Beach Fl.

(Only 6 spots left available)

I am excited to announce my 11th annual Frog and Reptile Macro Workshop is on the schedule. Please join me as I bring this exciting workshop once again to Deerfield Beach Fl. just north of Ft. Lauderdale. This workshop is going to be a one of a kind event, plus I’ve added once again a full day to photograph butterflies, birds, and flowers at the amazing Butterfly World in Coconut Creek Fl. It is going to be a spectacular time with new subjects, some of the animals will be ones that I could never offer before in my past workshops. As usual I will have the normal 30-40 species including, the red-eyed tree frogs and colorful dart frogs. “NEW” this year will be a station set up for in-camera image stacking on the Canon R5 Mirrorless camera.There will be numerous shooting stations with real plants, flowers, leaves, and bark for natural looking background environments. The results will be photos that appear to be taken in the wild, yet actually looking better than in the wild. You would have to travel to over ten different countries to find this array of colorful species. There will be nothing between you and the subject to interfere with image or lighting quality. Another thing “NEW” this year will be a new technique showcasing appropriate subjects on gorgeous mirror surfaces with colorful backgrounds, something that I have never done before.
Things you will learn but not limited to will be total control of the lighting exposing flash perfectly every time allowing you to produce your best macro images ever, how to protect the highlights from blowing out in your pictures, how to get maximum depth of field and sharpness for small subjects. The weekend begins with a short presentation on macro photography, followed by two days of amazing indoor photography photographing animals from all over the world.Then a full day at the incredible Butterfly World in Coconut Creek where upwards of 20 thousand butterflies are flying free. So don’t miss out on this incredible photographic adventure, for it is for sure to sell out quickly.

Cost for the workshop is $1495 per person if paid by check, or $1595 if paid by credit card.

Double Tree by Hilton
100 Fairway Drive
Deerfield Beach, FL 33441
Phone: 954-422-1798
Special booking rate for guest rooms.


Not included in this workshop: Transportation to Deerfield Beach, FL, Lodging, and Meals

Photographic Workshop Cancellation Policy:
In order to make the necessary arrangements for this private workshop, I must rely on each participant’s commitment to participating when they sign up. I have chosen to limit class size to 14, and registration will be on a first come first serve basis. Please notify me at least 60 days prior to the Workshop starting date in the event you are unable to attend a Workshop in order to allow another person to apply. After 60 days, the balance of the Workshop is non-refundable, unless I can fill your spot or it may be used on a future workshop of mine.

Email me at mike@mikematthewsphotography.com for more information.

30 Mar 2016

New Workshop coming soon

Full Day Macro Workshop
Saturday July 16th 2022
Drury Inn and Suites
9597 Brownsboro Rd.
Louisville Ky.40241

Cost of the Workshop $349.00 per person if paying by check

Cost of the Workshop $379 per person if paying by C.C. via PayPal

Have you ever wanted to learn Macro Photography? Then join me for this exciting full day workshop as we explore this small but beautiful world right here in Louisville. You will have the opportunity to photograph beautiful water drop collisions from my Stop Shot Studio. I will also have five to six live exotic frogs and reptiles like the red eyed tree frog for you to photograph. We will explore the area of high magnification photography going from 1X up to 7X times life size using the Canon MPE65 macro lens. The photos above are just some of the images that you will have the opportunity to photograph at this amazing workshop.

Other topics I will cover:
How to use flash perfectly when only inches from your subject.
How to protect the highlights from blowing out in your pictures.
How to get maximum depth of field and sharpness for small subjects.

Skill Level:
The workshop is open to people of all skill levels and experience. The majority of people shoot with digital SLRs, but this is not a pre-requisite for attending this workshop.

Recommended Equipment:
I suggest a Macro lens or some way of focusing very close, such as extension tubes used with a telephoto lens.
Some sort of flash system, ring flash, speed light flash, or twin flash.
Compact flash cards and extra batteries for flashes.
Tripods are not needed, but feel free to bring one if you would like.

Email me at mike@mikematthewsphotography.com to learn more on how to sign up.

17 Dec 2015