Macro Photography

Horsefly eyes at 7X

Vietnamese Mossy Tree Frog

Red Eye tree frog

Tokay Gecko

Crested Gecko

Veiled Chameleon

Sweat Bee and Aster

Lady Bug taking off flying right

Bug taking off flying right

Assasin Beetle nymph

Assasin Beetle nymph

Crane Fly Larva

Rhubarb Curculio

Yellow Jacket

Paper Wasp

Brown Millipede

Ambush Bug

Sharp Shooter

Spittal Bug

Black Swallowtail wing

Question Mark Butterfy

Pearl Cresant Butterfly

Fleshmans Glass Frog

Damsel Fly

Scarlet and Green Leafhopper

2020-06-22-21.41.27 ZS PMax

Stag Beetle leg

Dragonfly eyes

Jumping Spider