Insects, Arachnids, and more

Bee and Flower

Tarantula on mirror

Snail on Mirror

Six Spotted Tiger Beetle

Rose Hair Tarantula

Monarch on Mexican Sunflower

Lady Bug taking off flying right

Dragonfly head on

Ant Lion

Jumping Spider

2020-08-02-20.42.21 ZS PMax

Jumping Spider

Dragonfly close up

Stag Beetle leg

Stag Beetle

2020-06-10-21.04.11 ZS PMax

2020-06-10-20.59.07 ZS PMax

Damsel Fly

Yellow Jacket

Rhubarb Curculio

Paper Wasp

Ambush Bug

Yellow Wooly Bear


Sharp Shooter

Spittal Bug

Bug taking off flying right

Assasin Beetle nymph

Assasin Beetle nymph


Crane Fly Larva

Brown Millipede

Pink Toe Tarantula

Green Orchid Bee

Green Orchid Bee

Paper Wasp

Lubber Grasshopper at Six Mile Cypress Slough

Lynx Spider with Honey Bee

Spiny Orb Spider



Monarch Crysalist

Thorn Bug hatching into an adult

Thorn Bugs size comparison

Adult Thorn Bugs

Thorn Bug larva

Garden Spider


Red Knee Tarantula

Mantis Fly

Horsefly Eyes


Red Knee Tarantula