“Portrait of the Caracara” 11/22/15

Crested Cararcara 2

Crested Caracara 3

Crested Caracara email copyGreetings from southwest Florida,

This week’s image is one of a unique bird of prey, the Crested Caracara. Found mainly throughout the central part of Florida, this is a bird that I have wanted to photograph for a very long time. A couple of weeks ago, I finally got a chance to get some close up shots. With it’s beautiful markings, it was one I was lucky enough to have a few moments to photograph. This bird, along with the Peregrin falcon from last week’s photo of the week, will be one of many that you will be able to photograph on my Central Florida Birding workshop. For more information please email me for dates and times of this great workshop.

I hope you enjoy this week’s photos.

Have a blessed week.

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