“Back Home Again…” 12/27/15

Greetings from southwest Florida,

This week’s images are from our hometown in Louisville Ky. We were home last week for Christmas, and had a wonderful time visiting family and friends. The weather was extremely mild, so it was enjoyable to get out into the woods with my sons for a little hunting, and to do some photography. While we were there, my brother Brad and I took some time to visit “The Parklands”. This is a wonderful success story for Louisville, where the city bought up hundreds of acres that bordered Floyd’s Fork Creek that meanders through the outskirts of town. There are hundreds of acres of native plantings, and many wildflower meadows. Although it was winter, there were still some photo ops to be had within the winter landscape. Below are a few of the images I was able to take while we were there.
We are now back in Florida, and I am looking forward to many macro and birding workshops ahead.
I hope you enjoy this week’s photos.
Have a blessed week.

Foxtail grass email copy

Canadian Goose email copy

The Parklands email copy

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