“Enchanting Butterflies” 11/29/15

Piano Key butterfly

Piano Key Butterfly by Michele copy

The Owl butterfly

Piano Key ButterfliesGreetings from southwest Florida,

I hope everyone has enjoyed the Thanksgiving holiday. This week’s images are from this past weekend. After a wonderful Thanksgiving with friends and family, Michele and I headed out early Friday morning for a three day photo safari. Our trip started in Fort Lauderdale at Butterfly World and ended in Flamingo at the bottom of the Everglades. I have always wanted to explore this area of Florida, and we enjoyed numerous wildlife preserves and rookeries along the way. I would highly recommend Butterfly World in Ft Lauderdale. With over 20,000 butterflies flying free at one time, (per one of the staff), it is a tropical paradise. They have butterflies from all over the world and it is a family run business. We enjoyed it so much, that we were there for about 5 hours taking pictures. Below are just a few of the many images we took along the way of this photo adventure. Other places we visited were Wakodahatchee, Green Cay, and Loxahatchee national wildlife refuge. We also spent a day in the Everglades; it’s such an amazing place. We will have many more images in the weeks ahead, but for now I hope you like this week’s photos.

Have a blessed week.
Mike and Michele

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