Birding central Florida

Greetings from southwest Florida,

This week’s images are all from today as I decided after church to take a little road trip. I have been wanting to check out a new place called Dinner Island Ranch, as well as visit some dear friends in Alva Florida. My first stop was in Alva, where I had hopes of getting a few painted and Indigo bunting photos. As luck would have it the birds were there and I was able to get some nice images. From there I headed east to check out this place called Dinner Island Ranch, a wildlife management area in Hendry County. It is about 50 miles east of our home in Estero and just west of Lake Okeechobee. There are over 21,000 acres in this management area, and you can drive through most of it. My main goal here was not only to explore new territory but to look for the Crested Caracara. It was a great place and I was not disappointed seeing at least six Caracara’s along the way. There were a lot of smaller song birds there with some wood storks and other wading birds mixed in, but the Caracara was my main goal. I even got lucky and saw this beautiful Yellow Rat Snake crossing the road.
I hope you enjoy this week’s photos.
Have a blessed week.
P.S. Coming soon the 2017 Macro workshops, and Birding tours will be on my web site in the days ahead.
Painted Bunting email copy Indigo Bunting email copy Painted Bunting-1 email copy Crested Caracara-1 email copy Mockingbird email copy Yellow rat snake email copy

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