Winter Bird Photography

Photo of the week “Winter Bird Photography”

Greetings from the Bluegrass State!

This week’s photos are from this weekend enjoying one of my favorite types of photography. Photographing winter birds at our feeders. I thought I would start a series showing some of my tricks to making backyard bird photography as easy as it can possibly get. First and foremost you have to have a few feeders in place to draw in the birds and depending on where you live the type of feed you use can make a difference. If I had to choose my two favorite bird foods it would be the black oil sunflower, and the shelled peanuts. I have found that these draw the most variety of birds and keep them coming back for more. Next if you like to capture images that look more like the bird are in the wild, and not on the feeder, then try these few simple steps. First winter is a great time to get out into the woods or your local park and start looking for interesting perches for your birds to land on. It can be a stick with lichens growing on it, or a larger branch or log for woodpeckers to climb on, or even some dried up seed heads like Thistle that are rigid enough to support the birds weight. Next find a way to fasten these natural perches close enough to the feeder that it makes a natural landing spot prior to the birds feeding.

I hope you enjoy this week’s photos.

Have a blessed week everybody.


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