Looking for Patterns in Nature

Greetings from Southwest Florida,

This week’s photos are from this weekend as I was looking for unique patterns in nature using my high magnification macro lens, the Canon MPE65. Looking through this lens is always amazing to me and the detail of some subjects is spectacular. Starting at one to one and going up to 5 times life size is like looking through a microscope. Below are a few of the images of showing this type of photography. I will have this lens available at my upcoming workshops to let participants try it out on some unique subjects.
Last but not least, I have included a photo that my wife Michele took of an Eagle Owl’s face at the Florida Space Coast Birding and Wildlife festival back in January. I was pleased to hear this past week that it took First Place overall in the amateur division for the FCCC (Florida Camera Club Council) digital photo contest! This image received the most votes for the color division and she was in competition with photographers from all over the state. Congratulations Michele!!
I hope you enjoy this week’s photos.
Have a blessed week
Sharks eye shell Wing of a Polyphemus Moth Bearded Dragon

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