Yellowstone National Park



Big Bull resting

Black Bear male

Blue Winged Teal

Buffalo in Hayden Valley

Buffalo with calves

Bull Elk in Yellowstone Nat. Park

Bull Elk laying down

Chromatic pool

Female Grizzly Bear

Female Grizzly with cub

Grand Prismatic Hot Spring

Grand Prismatic


Grizzly and cub sharpened and vivasa

Grizzly Bear eating gopher

Grizzly looking back

Grizzly pausing for a look(1566114427086294013)

Grizzly searching for gophers(1566114426813265941)


Indian Paintbrush

Mama Grizzly keeping watch

Mamoth Hot Springs -1

mamoth Hot Springs

Morning Glory pool

Mule Deer at Yellowstone Lake

New birth in Yellowstone

Old Faithful

Trumpeter Swan in yellowstone

Yellow Bellied Marmot

Yellowstone canyon_edited-1

Yellowstone Lower Falls

Yellowstone River