Bear Necessities

Greetings from southwest Florida,

This weeks’s images are of our neighborhood Black Bear that decided to pay us a visit at 11:30am yesterday. I just happened to be walking past our lanai door when looking back in at me was this 400 pound black bear. When I first saw him, I was in total awe saying “that is one big bear”. But then quickly came to my senses and ran and got my camera. From there the pursuit was on, and I followed this guy for about an hour watching him go from house to house looking for ripe Cocco Plum and Guava berries that were on the shrubs that surrounds most everybody’s houses. He did take one interesting turn and walked right into a neighbors open garage and proceeded to turn over the trash can and grab a bag of garbage and then proceeded to tear it apart in their side yard. But, not finding too much worth eating in it, he then proceeded on down the street and focused back on the berries. I was able to get a lot of great images, several of which were in a more natural setting as he crossed through an open section of the preserve. I have been told by a a good friend who does a lot of education programs on bear prevention, that the Florida black bear is the second largest in size in the country. Mainly because they never really hibernate, and they eat year round. So, I would have to agree after seeing this big guy in person.

I hope you enjoy these photo’s.

Have a blessed week everybody.

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